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Brittany Harwell

International Justice Mission
“I want to be a part, even a little one, of God’s story of hope in this world,” says Brittany Harwell (’11), who just began serving as a field intern for International Justice Mission (IJM) in Nairobi, Kenya. Often hope is hard to see. Across the globe, human trafficking is a 32 billion dollar industry; 27 million people are held as slaves, and 2 million children are exploited in the commercial sex trade. In high school, Brittany set her sights on law school. Her strengths in logic helped her excel as student body Executive VP at SPU. But when she discovered international human rights law, her heart and mind both felt the call. As part of IJM’s team, Brittany works alongside lawyers investigating abuses, and mobilizing interventions on behalf of victims of child sexual assault, police brutality, and illegal detention. For Brittany, this stirs her mind and servant’s heart: “I want to see justice work in our world, I want to be part of reconstructing this mess because I do think God is working in it.”
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