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Amanda Brown

L'Arche Tahoma Hope Community
Tacoma, WA
Amanda recently finished up a year of placement with JVC-Northwest at Partners in Community Living, Bernadette Place in Spokane. She is currently serving with LÂ’Arche Tahoma Hope in Tacoma as the farm worker assistant. She works with adults who have developmental disabilities by finding farm tasks that fit their gifts. She will also attend several farmers markets and help sell produce from the farm.
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Amanda Foggia

Jesuit Volunteer Corps NW
Portland, OR
Patient and Liaison Officer at Central City Concern's Recuperative Care Program
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Amanda Rose Mihalik

L'Arche Noah Sealth
Seattle, WA
Care partner in intentional community for adults with developmental disabilities
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Andre Clark

Northwest Leadership Foundation
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Ariana Easterly

Urban Impact
Seattle (Rainier Valley), Washington
Family Involvement Director working with parents and youth in the Rainier Valley
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Bethany Dearborn

Youth Volunteer Corps
Seattle, WA
Service learning projects oversight and coordination for high schools
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Bree Oatman

Mennonite Central Committee
Spokane, WA
After-school youth center co-director
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Briana Frenchmore

UCC Young Adult Service Communities
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Cassandra Lemoto Tongilava

Peace Community Center
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Chasity Jones

United Methodist Church US-2
Faith Action Network
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Christie Schmid

New Horizons
Seattle, WA
Support services for young women involved in prostitution and/or street life
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Claire Latimer

Tierra Nueva
Burlington, WA
Women's Advocate and Outreach Worker
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Cleo Peterson

Seattle, WA
Non-profit toyshop for homeless and mentally ill adults
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Cody Hawkins

Northwest Leadership Foundation
Next Move Coach
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Damon Motz-Storey

Quaker Voluntary Service
Portland, OR
Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility
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Daniela Perez

Learning Gardens Laboratory
Portland, OR
Assist with the Farmstand Project of the Learning Garden Laboratory
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David Germer

First Presbyterian Church | Spokane
Spokane, WA
Church-based programs for low income and homeless neighbors
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Devynne Nelons

Northwest Leadership Foundation
Healthy Parkland Coordinator, Washington Campus Connect
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Doug Reynolds

Mennonite Central Committee
Spokane, WA
Urban Spokane Youth work and community gardening
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Eli Burnham

QuEST: Quaker Experiential Service and Training
Seattle, WA
food program assistant for clients with long-term illnesses
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Emily Bays

Episcopal Young Adult Service Corps
Emily will be working at Hanford Challenge, an organization dedicated to promoting an adequate and just cleanup of the Hanford Nuclear Site.
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Gabriela Garcia Greco

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
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Glenn McCray

Urban Impact & John Perkins Center
Seattle, WA
Youth programs, learning center tutor, leadership development
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Hannah Campbell Gustafson

UCC Partners in Service

At Plymouth House of Healing, I am a live-in companion. It is transitional housing for adults who have experienced homelessness and live with mental illness. One member of the companion team is on duty at all times, to be present for the residents. This includes cooking dinner, as the whole house eats together five nights a week.
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