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Alicia Favreau

Peace Corps
Boston, MA
Community health advocacy, and all-day teacher for at-risk youth
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Beth Thomas Kalinga

Peace Corps
Animal husbandry programs and HIV/AIDS education
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Brandon Forester

Peace Corps
High school English teaching
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Caleb Stewart

Peace Corps
Implementation of government education reforms, community development
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Courtney Cossey

Peace Corps
Small business development for women and youth
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Fabiola Casas

Peace Corps
Women's empowerment, education
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Joel Breems

Peace Corps
Restoration worker with focus in soil erosion prevention
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Kari Smith

Peace Corps
Secondary education science teacher
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Kendra Kelley

Peace Corps
Rural health teacher, hygiene, nutrition and cooking
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Lucia Baldwin

Peace Corps
Educational work within schools and the broader community
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Nathan Brouwer

Peace Corps
The Gambia, West Africa
Computation and Agro-forestry education
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Nathan Williams

Peace Corps
Pourra, Burkina Faso
Rural math and science teacher
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Sean Haley

Peace Corps
Development officer and free-standing stove project
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Sinead Harris-Jones

Peace Corps
HIV/AIDS community education in rural health clinics
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Zach Stednick

Peace Corps
Oniipa, Namibia
HIV/AIDS education in villages and schools
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