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Gabriela Garcia Greco

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
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Georgina Aldeguer Severin

Vincentian Service Corps
East Los Angeles, CA
6th Grade teacher in urban Catholic school
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Gilma Bernal

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Brooklyn, NY
Teacher, Brooklyn Jesuit Prep
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Glenn McCray

Urban Impact & John Perkins Center
Seattle, WA
Youth programs, learning center tutor, leadership development
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Hannah Campbell Gustafson

UCC Partners in Service

At Plymouth House of Healing, I am a live-in companion. It is transitional housing for adults who have experienced homelessness and live with mental illness. One member of the companion team is on duty at all times, to be present for the residents. This includes cooking dinner, as the whole house eats together five nights a week.
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Hector Herrera

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Oakland, CA
Foster children out of foster system, teacher and advocate
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Heidi Bay

Catholic Volunteers in Florida
Miami, FL
Coordinating and building organizational capacity of non-profits
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Ilana Weber

L'Arche Portland

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Jake Antles

Portland, OR
Community Outreach Specialist, Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East
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Jake McCoy

Westminster House
Spokane, WA
Grade-school tutor and church-based good neighbor
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Jaleesa Trapp

Allen Renaissance-Computer Clubhouse
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James Harper

Jesuit Volunteer Corps NW
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Janjay Innis

United Methodist Church US-2
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Jaquette Easterlin

At the Science and Math Institute I am the BRIDGE coordinator and student support service contact. I organize training sessions for my students, often working one-on-one to support and improve their success academically and socially.
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Jason Duba

Spokane, WA
Environmental awareness for city-wide interfaith council, youth mentoring
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Jay Laury

Urban Impact
Tacoma, WA
Urban music project and ministry
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Jenny (Yu) Kordell

Tacoma, WA
High school mentor for gang-involved and at-risk youth
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Jenny Ferguson

L'Arche Noah Sealth
Seattle, WA
Intentional community including adults with developmental disabilities
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Jeremiah Sataraka

Tacoma, WA
Leadership and administration for emerging urban high schoolers
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Jerry-Lee Bulala

Northwest Leadership Foundation
Program Assistant, Act Six
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Jessica Bussard

Westminster House
Spokane, WA
Youth programming for homework, creative arts & sciences.
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Joe Martinez

Tacoma, WA
Through Northwest Leadership Foundation's Mentor 253 program, I serve as a mentor for high-risk students at First Creek Middle School.
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Jonathan Jackson

Tacoma, WA
Recruitment and training of young leaders/scholars through ActSix Program
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