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Adam Schug

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Washington, D.C.
Home-based HIV/AIDS and cancer hospice care
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Alicia Favreau

Peace Corps
Boston, MA
Community health advocacy, and all-day teacher for at-risk youth
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Alisa Bright

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
New Orleans, LA
Post-Katrina emergency services and homeless day center
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Allie May

Seattle, WA
Restoration work and invasive plant removal
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Amanda Brown

L'Arche Tahoma Hope Community
Tacoma, WA
Amanda recently finished up a year of placement with JVC-Northwest at Partners in Community Living, Bernadette Place in Spokane. She is currently serving with LÂ’Arche Tahoma Hope in Tacoma as the farm worker assistant. She works with adults who have developmental disabilities by finding farm tasks that fit their gifts. She will also attend several farmers markets and help sell produce from the farm.
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Amanda Foggia

Jesuit Volunteer Corps NW
Portland, OR
Patient and Liaison Officer at Central City Concern's Recuperative Care Program
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Amanda Pelle

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Sitka, AK
Domestic violence shelter-based program facilitation for women and children
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Amanda Rose Mihalik

L'Arche Noah Sealth
Seattle, WA
Care partner in intentional community for adults with developmental disabilities
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Ambar Sabino

Young Adult Volunteers PC(USA)
Hollywood, CA
D.O.O.R., First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood
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Amy McNair

Tony Blair Foundation
Chicago, IL
Malaria education in Chicago
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Ana Gaytan

Tacoma, WA
Social work with immigrant community
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Andre Clark

Northwest Leadership Foundation
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Angela Merrill

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Newark, NJ
Community organizing, neighborhood outreach and revitalization
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Angie Lai

New Horizons
Seattle, WA
Advocacy and support services for street-involved youth
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Anna Kapranos

Alliance for Catholic Education
Shreveport, LA
Urban Catholic school teacher
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Annmarie Phelan

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Boston, MA
Day shelter services for homeless women
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Anthony Bedoy

PLACE: Partners in Los Angeles Catholic Education
Los Angeles
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Ariana Easterly

Urban Impact
Seattle (Rainier Valley), Washington
Family Involvement Director working with parents and youth in the Rainier Valley
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Arlicia Etienne

Mission Year
Chicago, IL
Urban Ministry in Chicago
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Becky Stapleton

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Detroit, MI
Social work in center for foreigners seeking asylum
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Ben Wiseman

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Los Angeles, CA
Program Coordinator, Urban Compass
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Beth Poteet

Interfaith Council
Spokane, WA
Community organizing for economic justice through interfaith council
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Bethany Dearborn

Youth Volunteer Corps
Seattle, WA
Service learning projects oversight and coordination for high schools
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Bill Hoskyn

L'Arche Tahoma Hope Community
Tacoma, WA
Care partner in intentional community for adults with developmental disabilities
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Brandon Adams

Lutheran Volunteer Corps
Chicago, IL
Video production high school teacher and advisor
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