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The Krista Foundation for Global Citizenship was founded in 1999 in Spokane, Washington, to honor the life and vision of Krista Kimberly Hunt Ausland, who was killed at age 25 while volunteering with her husband, Aaron, in global service in rural Bolivia. Inspired by Krista's desire “to show God's love in actions,” her family and friends wanted an enduring legacy to celebrate her spirit of active love and faith.

Transforming service, self, and community:

Today the Krista Foundation equips young leaders who commit to a year of service to serve effectively before, during and after their year. Inspired by Krista, our research-based, skill-building global citizen leadership program equips them to maximize service impact and transform their service experiences into lives of service leadership. With our support, they can discern what their internship or volunteer service experience means to their lives and Christian faith. Today nearly 300 Krista Colleagues are shaping communities, institutions and policies that affect the quality and equity of life in the Northwest and beyond.


Hundreds more volunteers have been reached through our programs for partner organizations like the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, Peace Community Center, and Lutheran Volunteer Corps.  For these groups we provide programming that enhances volunteer effectiveness, supports volunteer best practices, builds staff capacity, and helps build a more equitable model of volunteer service.


Service is a skill. Beyond something simply worth doing, it is worth doing well. Our proven Service Journey framework helps young leaders master a set of service best practices that result in more effective, ethical service in the short run—and a Global Citizen Skillset that equips them for long-term impact in the workplace, community and world. We know that Krista would approve! 

What We Do - Transforming volunteer service

When it comes to volunteering, good intentions aren’t enough. Yet too many well-meaning young volunteers are “sent” ill-prepared for unfamiliar contexts and challenges like homelessness, human trafficking, poverty, racism, and environmental degradation. At a minimum, they may be ineffective. At worst, their presence in a community may be negative, and they may return cynical and discouraged.


The Krista Foundation for Global Citizenship model for service leadership ensures better outcomes for volunteers, communities, and volunteer placement agencies. We equip young people with service best practices that enhance their experience and effectiveness. We accompany them before, during and after service, and support their transition into decades of active, creative leadership.  


We invite you to learn more about our mission, our vision, and how we go about making the changes we want to see.

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