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Information for Colleagues

Nominate & Apply

Each year, a Krista Colleague cohort is selected through nominations from community, church, civic leaders, educators, and organizers.

Service Placement

"I was designed to show God's love in actions." -Krista Hunt Ausland

Training & Support

Debrief & Transition

"You will become a different kind of doctor, or lawyer, businessman, or whatever you do, if you spend a year of your life serving poor people." —Moses Pulei, Maasai Tribal Leader and KF Board Member

What happens next?

Mentoring Community

A Mentoring Community Matters: A Model for Sustaining and Thriving  
The Krista Foundation exists to empower and equip young adult volunteers with the tools and mentoring community support to not just serve, but serve well, and to make service not just a year or two of life-- but a way of life.

Opportunities to lead
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