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Global Citizen Journal

A Journal for Young Adults: Engaging the World through Service

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Volume 5: Special Edition



The Krista Foundation for Global Citizenship celebrates its tenth year with this Special Edition of The Global Citizen: A Journal for Young Adults Engaging the World through Service. The editorial team invited Krista Colleagues, other service volunteers, and friends of the Foundation to submit suggestions for articles--either previously published in The Global Citizen or elsewhere--that they found contributed significantly to their learning about serving others well and nurturing an active life of global citizenship. We also solicited original articles from authors uniquely qualified to respond to contemporary concerns about the impact of service on the volunteer and on the community being served. Each article reflects candidly on the challenges and hardships that exist in the world today while simultaneously modeling ways to move gracefully through this world. This movement, we've found, can be likened to a dance: a dance of grief, a dance of wry humor, a dance of joy.

Volume 4: Lessons from the Field


In this, our fourth edition of The Global Citizen, we have arranged a collection of essays from young service volunteers who have learned rich lessons in the field school of service and global citizenship. We know that an essay is no substitute for personal experience and that many of these lessons can only be truly learned the hard way. So consider this a sort of companion reader for the curriculum of experience as a service volunteer and life as a global citizen.

Volume 3: Come to the Table



In an effort to explore the nature of this [service] ethic, we have arranged this issue of The Global Citizen around the metaphor of a table. Tables, be they the tables of our childhood or those of our adult lives, are by their very nature places where we gain our values. Thus, in the first article, “Come to the Table: Five Values for the Global Citizen,” I have invited you to explore the nature of this ethic at each of five tables. The values set out at these tables – mutuality, influence, competence, humility, and celebration – are neither a complete nor settled set. One might question why I chose mutuality over sacrifice, community or wonder; or perhaps why hope or change were left out. By sustaining a metaphor of invitation to this series of five tables, I hope to leave space for such questions, indeed space for other tables where this ethic might be further shaped.

Volume 4: Lessons from the Field