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Transforming service experiences into lives of service leadership.

Positioning Statement

Transitioning from a service year can be a disorienting experience. Through mentoring, a colleague community, transition retreats, intercultural and leadership development, the Krista Foundation helps young adults more fully understand and employ the learnings from their service experience. A service year, when nurtured, becomes a life of service leadership.


The Krista Foundation lives out this identity through:

Accompaniment – walking together in solidarity that practices mutuality and interdependence;
promoting and exercising constructive, sustainable service ethics within service placement, workplace, and community; walking with Colleagues during their service, through transition and into a life of
service leadership.

Adaptive Leadership - practicing and promoting creative, collaborative and mutually empowering
decision-making, direction setting, and vision casting within the workplace and community.

Intercultural Competence - exercising racial and cultural inclusion in personal and professional
practices; incorporating the gifts and contributions of a diversity of persons, capacities, approaches for
the creation and benefit of a community.

Joy Dance – recognizing hope in the midst of struggle and suffering, expecting that new life, joy and
resilience grow from life’s most difficult challenges.

Making the Global-Local Connection - recognizing, nurturing and strengthening constructive
relationships between local communities and their global impact and engagement.

Mentoring Community - investing in future leaders by recognizing and leveraging peer and
intergenerational wisdom and experience.

Christian & Spiritual Values and Motivation – growing one's own faith identity by experiencing the
diversity of Christian traditions while providing a safe space for expressing and learning respectfully
from others.

Bridge Crossing amidst Difference - in an increasingly polarized society, equip leaders with the
adaptive and intercultural skills to bridge differences with integrity, respect, and innovation.

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