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The Krista Foundation Partner Service Program

Equipping  volunteers for lasting change.

Your organization has expertise in recruiting and placing young volunteers. Our organization’s expertise is in building out service best practices that result in more effective, ethical service in the short run—and a 21st century global citizen skillset for long-term, sustainable impact in the workplace, community and world.  By working together, we can make the volunteer model more effective—and help you stretch your resources further. For the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, Peace Community Center, Lutheran Volunteer Corps, and others, we provide programming that enhances volunteer effectiveness and builds staff capacity. Join us in transforming service culture and building a more equitable model of volunteer service.


Adaptive Organizational Change

  • Workshops & Trainings

  • One-on-One Coaching

  • Organizational Support

  • Adaptive Leadership


Equipping Ethical Service

(pre & during service)

  • Orientations

  • Trainings & Retreats

  • Bridging difference

  • Support during placement



Supporting Implications of Service

(transition & post service)

  • Debriefing

  • Retreats

  • Unpack experiences

  • Process challenges

  • Integrate skills



Mentoring in personal, professional and civic life (ongoing)  

  • Peer alumni network for long-term support

  • Reinvesting energy in service organizations

  • Discern voaction

What We Offer

Season of Service

Season of Service (pre and during service)

Equipping Ethical Service

Good results start with good beginnings. Careful attention to the foundation laid during orientation to service will yield great results during and after service. Neglecting this important step can lead to unintended negative consequences for both community and volunteer.


We offer:

  • Orientations that ground volunteers in intercultural development and racial equity; service ethics; faith and identity; resilience; bridging differences

  • Ongoing formation through in-depth training and mid-year retreats that support volunteers as they practice in the context of their placement 

Transition (transition and post-service)

Exploring service-shaped implications in life, faith and vocation

Transition can make or break a volunteer year. When young adults return to “normal” life on their own, with no one to encourage them to process their experience, they may end up feeling discouraged and disillusioned about working for change.  Our supportive process brings together young adults who have served in many settings to reflect on the year’s high points, low points, and takeaways; begin the process of integrating the experience into their lives; and brace for a disorienting time of transition.  We want them to dig deeper, grow their skill set, and position themselves to reinvest their energy in long-term engagement in workplace, community, and family.

Partner organizations turn to us to lead this process because their small staff needs to focus on recruiting and placing the next cohort of volunteers.


We offer:   

  • Debriefing and discerning retreats that take returning volunteers deeper, as they draw on their training and experiences to integrate learnings into the next phase of their lives. 

Life of Service Leadership (the long run!)

Integration into personal, professional and civic life

All of our Service Journey coaching and training seeks to nurture a year of effective service AND the long-term outcome of nurturing resilient, inter culturally competent young leaders who serve effectively and compassionately and can bridge political, cultural, racial, gender, religious and economic divides.


We offer:

  • Coaching and consulting in developing a peer alumni network that supports the long-term development of volunteers as change agents making the world a better place, and encourages returning volunteers to reinvest their energy in the service organization.

  • Leadership mentoring program

Services for organizational staff

Making a Difference

By partnering with the Krista Foundation, you can help your staff master the skills they need to mentor and support your volunteers. You can focus on just one step in the Service Journey—or take a broader look at how your organization recruits, places, prepares, supports, and “graduates” volunteers. As you know, change doesn’t happen overnight with one 2-hour workshop. The best work happens over time, with multiple connections and trainings. But sometimes a stand-alone session is all you need.

No matter which approach you take, we believe that partnering will help transform volunteer service culture, build a more equitable model of volunteer service AND increase volunteer effectiveness and retention, create organizational diversity, lower staff turnover, and fit your budget.

We offer:

  • Half-day, full-day or multi-day workshops and consultations that parallel the Service Journey Review and assessment of the entire volunteer recruitment, deployment, and transition process

  • One-on-one coaching on intercultural capacity building

  • Intercultural and racial equity training focused on how your organization and its staff welcome and support volunteers of color

  • Consulting and training on adaptive leadership and organizational change.

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Services for organizational staff
Life of Leadership

What Our Partners Say About Our Support Programs

“The challenge and heartache in using service volunteers is the constant need to train a new group each year.  This is where the experience and skills of the Krista Foundation adds incredible value.

The Krista Foundation’s expertise in key areas of training in our specific community context helps our service volunteers do their job better sooner and enables our own staff to focus on what they do best in serving our students." 

Bill Hanawalt, Executive Director Peace Community Center, Tacoma

2016 White House Champion for Change

Partner Testimonials
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