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Courtney Paine Vogliano - Impacting Women and Children


SENDING ORG: CURE International

REGION: Developing Nations

LOCATION: Kampala, Uganda

“Having people around who can carry for me what I can’t carry for myself, provide hope when I can’t see it—they matter,” says new mom Courtney Paine Vogliano ’08 of the Krista Colleagues she has known for years. “To have someone say that’s tough, that’s brutal, we’ve gotta keep going—that’s a huge part of resilience.” Serving at CURE children’s hospital in Uganda sparked her interest in social work. Using her KF leadership grant to live in a group home for at-risk teen girls in Bolivia set her on the path she walks today. The Samaritan Center social worker and development specialist invests many hours a month journeying with women of all ages who are struggling themselves.

#Environment #developingnations

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