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Matthew Moskwik - Impacting Climate Change


SENDING ORG: Salesians

REGION: Developing Nations

LOCATION: Sierra Leone

"Small differences can add up to big impact,” said panelist Matthew Moskwik ’05, addressing new colleagues at the May conference. If you can’t change a system, “you can make small changes that hopefully cascade upwards through time and make a difference to one individual or to one little patch of habitat.” A landscape and spatial ecologist who assesses climate change impact at Defenders of Wildlife in Washington, DC, he credits the Krista community and his service in Sierra Leone with teaching him not to be overwhelmed by problems and negativity. “My real contribution was not that one year of service but the transformation that was going to take place in me so I would serve the rest of my life.”

#ImpactingCommunities #Environment #developingnations

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